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tamil chat rooms

Welcome to the best web chat site called tamil chat room, its free online chat rooms in tamil to online chat with stranegrs in tamil dating chat site, no required any registration or signup, to get entry in chat room for tamil, if you are looking for a best web chat client in tamil then you're in right place just choose a good nickname and enter chatroom tamil and enjoy your's stay in tamil chat room without registration, no required of any chat software or tamil chatting apps, its all on webchat widget, its a simple and fastest tamil chatzone for talk to strangers on video chat and voice chat by using Webcam for video chat and microphone for audio voice chat in tamil chatiste.

Nickname register guideline

Command: /ns REGISTER password e-mail address || Replace password using a password of your choice || Replace e-mail-address with your VALID e-mail address. You are required to confirm the e-mail address after registering your nickname.

Nickname login guideline

Command: /ns id password || Example code /ns id mypassword123

Nickname enforce guideline

Command: /ns set enforce on/off || choose your option to secure your's nickname from other user using by Typing /ns set enforce on

Seen/Search about offline friend

[ Search ] Need to find your friends? Type !seen nick in the chatroom. You can also use *wildmask* for your searches. Remember, the nick you search for, will be informed that you were looking for them ;-)

Report Abuse

[Report Abuser] There are different kind/class of people on WebChat. The Chatroom doesn't take any responsibility for what a user does or behaves with you in private message to you. To prevent Abuse, type /silence <+nick>. In case, issue is on channel mains, /join #Ophelp & report Abuse. Contact @Operators in case the private message Abuse continues often.

Live Online Chat!

Our online chat rooms allow users to enjoy free chat in the chatroom you choose. You can easily connect and will be able to speak while using ur microphones to enjoy and fun with other users with the purpose of conversation. You may also have the option to connect through webcam.our chatrooms have the ability to connect you within a second with other users whtever the speed your internet is holding on. You will be connected in anyway. You dont have to long for the response, and most importantly it will not make your voice to deliver late to the other members of the room as it was happeing in the past, conversations will be more fluent more smooth and with any without delay.

Online Mobile Chat!

We have updated our new mobile chat. It can be easily accessed from any phone either android smart phone, iphone and tablets. However with the help of streamlined software, you can access our global chatrooms within a seconds and could be able to interact with different people. The advantage of using this software is wherever you are either at home or outside you can easily connect any time you feel simply stop in and say hello through which you can be able to meet new people and have friendly connections with. This mobile site is basically designed with up to date technology which will help u to get the best experience of chatting. Simply login and beging to chat. Simply sign in and begin chatting!

Online Voice & Video Chat

Now simple text chatting to video chat is another way to connect all over the world with different people. Video chat will help you to easily develop a level of communication with the permission of the other users of the room. We have made it convinient for the users to interconnect with each other while developing a relation of frendship. This video chat is available on pcs and on mobile devices which is easy to access within a while. The choice is all your's The only thing you need is your device and a webcam to get started using this feature on Megachatroom.in. Read our IndiaCHAT Webcam and Microphone Guide to learn more.

Instant Messaging, Chatting Apps

Instant messaging is one of the primary forms of online communication that is simple and easy to use. It also provides a safe space for you to chat one on one with someone in Megachatroom.in if that is what you prefer. We provides the real time online text chat transmission, where you can text chat with anyone easily in this world chat for free no required of any cost. there is a many other options as well as to join group chatting,messaging, for sharing pictures, videos, and audio messages as well you can share your feelings by sending images, stickers, emoticons, emoji for other fun elements and entertainment chat with strangers